Governance and the Local Governing Body

For information about governance in the South York Multi-Academy Trust, including information about the Trustees and Members of the board, please see the MAT website.

We are committed to local governing bodies in our schools having delegated responsibility as far as possible, consistent with good governance and prudent use of resources. Schools will still need committed, skilled and enthusiastic governors!Chair of Trustees, South York MAT

Local Governing Body Current Membership:

Local Governor’s name Category of Local Governor Term of Office
Steve Smith (Chair) Trust appointed  07/11/2018 – 06/11/2022
Steve Lewis  Principal of the Academy (Headteacher) 01/09/2019 – ongoing
Matthew Carson Staff 17/11/2018 – 15/11/2022
Kathryn Addison Staff 08/10/2019 – 07/10/2023
David Scott Parent  23/03/2018 – 22/03/2022
Andy Wilcock Parent  23/03/2018 – 22/03/2022
Lesley Dolben Trust appointed 19/06/2018 – 18/06/2022
Claire Sculpher Trust appointed 22/11/2018 – 21/11/2022
Angus Houston Trust appointed 12/02/2019 – 11/02/2023
John Inglis Trust appointed 21/11/2019 – 20/11/2023
Karen Hunt Trust appointed 01/01/2020 – 31/12/2023

Click to view full details of the Local Governing Body Membership (including governors who have served and stepped down in the past year).

Local Governing Body Register of Business Interests 2019-20

Local Governing Body Register of Business Interests (members who have stepped down)

Local Governing Body Meeting Dates and Attendance:

2018-19 Fulford LGB Attendance Register

2017-18 Fulford LGB Attendance Register
(Post Conversion)