Fulford School Support systems for 2017/18

Fulford School has redesigned its support structures into two teams to meet the developing needs of its school population to best effect. This has followed a period of review with staff, students and the Parent Council and is aimed at meeting increasing Learning and Wellbeing needs effectively through a new structure and additional roles established within this. As our school continues to grow, it is vital that we can continue to meet the needs of our students and support them through their time at the school successfully. We are very proud that we are choosing to invest further in support roles at this challenging financial time.

Two teams have been formed as follows:

Pro Active Support:
Rewards and Awards for students
Special Education Needs including Learning concerns
Wellbeing concerns (Mental Health/Self Esteem/Friendship issues including Anti Bullying/Low Mood)
Strategic attention to behaviour concerns linked to identified Learning/Wellbeing barriers
Safeguarding/Child Protection concerns
Attendance Concerns
Adapted curriculum
Students with additional Health needs/Disabilities

Re Active Support:
Support arrangements for students with behaviour concerns not linked to learning/wellbeing
Behaviour Concerns in and out of lessons including investigations
Attendance and Punctuality Concerns within the school day
Uniform concerns
Planner/Equipment concerns
Issuing of detentions
Management of students on report cards
Management of internal exclusions

These two teams incorporate and replace the previous Student Support and Learning Support teams and also include appointments to two new roles – Mrs Sue Dougherty as the School Wellbeing Worker and Mrs Sarah Shutt as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant supporting students out of lessons for non – behavioural reasons. Miss Fay Chapman is also welcomed as the new Head of Athena House.

Staff and teams in each areas and the Senior Lead for each area is given below – some staff have duties in each team.

Pro Active Support:
Deputy Head – Dan Bodey
SENCO – Anna Mehta
Intervention Lead – Numeracy – Pam Weller
Intervention Lead – Literacy – Jess Penn
Intervention Lead–Incomplete timetables – Sarah Shutt
Lower school Student Wellbeing Worker – Sue Dougherty
Lead Teacher in the Enhanced Resource for Autism – Victoria Pearson
Safeguarding – Nicky Tyrer
Attendance – Lindsey Butterfield
Previous Learning Support Team – all mainstream Teaching Assistants
All Support Staff within the Enhanced Resource for Autism

Re Active Support:
Assistant Head – Paul Walker
Heads of House Team:
Paul Gatenby (Apollo)
Simon Lacy (Artemis)
Fay Chapman (Athena)
Kate Frame (Atlas)
Previous Student Support Team:
Nicky Tyrer (Head of Student Support)
Lindsey Butterfield
Mark Harney
Steve Merritt

Office staff are aware of where to direct your call depending on your issue and we know through the extra capacity we have added and the clarity of our structure that we should be able to further strengthen our contact and availability to parents.

Dan Bodey
Deputy Headteacher