Food and Drink to Help You to Perform to Your Best in Examinations

It’s easy to underestimate the benefits of a heathy diet in the run-up to examinations, particularly in light of the fact that many of the examination for reformed subjects are longer than they were previously.  Very often, students will consume food and drink which is high in sugar in advance of an examination, in order to get a brief surge of energy through a ‘sugar boost’.  This is not advisable; after the initial surge in energy, students can experience a ‘sugar crash’ during the examination which results in them feeling lethargic and unable to perform to their best. 

In advance of an examination, students are much better advised to hydrate themselves through drinking water and to eat food which releases energy more slowly, such as pasta, nuts, cereals, bananas or wholemeal bread.  Many such foods will be available from the canteen and Youth Centre in advance of each examination.  We also encourage students to bring a bottle of water to each examination (please note that this should be a clear plastic bottle with the label removed).

In addition to this, the link below will take you to a series of videos which demonstrate simple, tasty recipes which can easily be made at home and which have been created with teenagers in mind!  These contain ingredients which are proven to boost concentration and energy and which will help students to perform at their peak. 

At this crucial time, every little helps.  Why not give them a go!

Inside Out Burger

Peanut Chicken

Cajun Pork

Sticky Salmon

Chickpea Veg Curry

Superfood Salad

Chili con carne

Turkey Puttanesca

Ginger & Coriander Chicken

Cutting Skills

Herby Chicken Smashed Seed Pesto