House System

The pastoral system at Fulford School seeks to provide students with an outstanding level and quality of care, guidance and support. Our School mission statement ‘Realising potential, creating the future’ is at the heart of what we strive to achieve at Fulford, and all our staff are dedicated to ensuring that students’ welfare is at the forefront of the education that we, as a School, provide.

In September 2009, we implemented a Vertical Tutoring system which involves students being placed into a tutor group with students from a range of year groups, from Years 7 to 13. There are 48 tutor groups in total; with 12 forms in each of the four Houses; Atlas, Athena, Artemis and Apollo, all of which are managed by a Head of House who is responsible for the development and progress of students in their House. This system ensures a greater focus on student progress and achievement and has created more opportunity for tutors to become involved in students’ learning. Moreover, the tutor and Head of House are able to work in conjunction to regularly track and monitor student progress, whilst providing a high level of support through the mentoring and intervention systems that are in place. This system fostered a productive, student-centred atmosphere where learning and progress is valued and respected by all.

Whilst there is consistency in the approach that each of the Heads of House take to the monitoring and tracking of students’ development, each House still maintains its own ethos and identity which is fostered through a range of House-based Charity events and inter-House competitions. Each House has its own House Council, comprising of Senior and Junior House Captains and form representatives who meet regularly. One of the many things that the House Councils are responsible for is the organisation of a variety of events to raise money for charity, on a local, national and global scale.

We are immensely proud of what our students at Fulford achieve and the way that they work together to promote an inclusive, yet forward-looking, pastoral system. It is our hope that all our students achieve their potential and that we are able to support them in this, during their time at our School.


Miss K. Frame – Head of House, Atlas House
Mr P. Gatenby – Head of House, Apollo House
Mr S. Lacy – Head of House, Artemis House
Miss F. Chapman – Head of House, Athena House

National Youth Parliament / Make your Mark

Thank you to all students who voted for this in forms. We discussed then voted on which issues should be brought to the National Youth Parliament.

These have now been passed on to the York members of the National Youth Parliament to consider and take to Westminster when the national group meets.

Results were as follows:

1: Votes at 16: 1%

2: A curriculum to prepare us for life: 15%

3: End austerity & child poverty: 18%

4: Transport: better, cheaper & accessible for all: 9%

5: Climate change. Reduce greenhouse gases: 8%

6: Mental health. Better support for young people: 12%

7: Fund, don’t cut money for youth services: 5%

8: Living wage of £7.85 / hour for everyone: 23%

9: Tackle racism/discrimination, especially against Jewish & Muslim people: 5%

10: Extended SEN support, including for dyslexia & learning difficulties:4%

Coming up next: does Facebook need a ‘dislike button’?

Fulford Thinks 2015-2016: Welcome!

Welcome to Fulford Thinks for new parents/carers. This takes place in form every 2 weeks, with students discussing and then voting on a current topic.
The 1st topic of the year was ‘Should we offer more support to people who need it in other countries’?

Our students voted as follows:

• 66% voted YES we should offer more support.

• 34% voted NO, we should not offer more support.

This week we are voting on topics to be debated by the National Youth Parliament. If you would like more information on this campaign, go to

Thank you,

Directors of Learning

Week 31: should we still say please and thank you?

Always a contentious issue, both in and outside of school! Students watched a 1950s and 2015 Youtube good manners clip before discussing this topic. The overall result was as follows:

Yes we should still say please and thank you: 95%

No we do not need to say please and thank you: 5%

A very British response OR just plain good manners? You decide!

Week 33: should half terms be abolished?

Upon return from our half term, students were invited to discuss if half terms are a thing of the past and if we should instead move to longer Christmas/Easter/Summer holidays (or possibly even move to a 5 term year).

We voted as follows:

  • Keep half terms: 76%
  • Abolish half terms: 24%

Coming up this week: should people take their partner’s name upon marriage? Watch this space!

Week 29 Fulford Thinks: should young people be allowed to vote at 16?

In the run up to last week’s general and school elections, students were asked to think about whether the vote should be allowed at 16.

This provoked some interesting conversations, with some students saying that they did not feel young people have the appropriate maturity to make such a big decision. Others disagreed quite strongly!

756 students voted and the results were as follows:

  • Yes young people should be allowed to vote at 16: 51%
  • No young people should not be allowed to vote at 16: 49%.

Thanks to all who voted.

Coming up this week…should we still say please and thank you? Do manners matter??  Watch the website for the results of this survey.

Fulford Thinks-should female athletes be paid the same as male athletes?

During weeks 27-28 students were discussing whether female athletes should be paid the same as male athletes.  This triggered some lively discusions in forms!

Thanks to all who voted.  The results were as follows:

Yes female athletes should be paid the same as male athletes: 80%

No, female athletes should not be paid the same as male athletes: 20%

Coming up….should we be allowed to vote at 16? Watch this space!

New Build-New Names

Following the great news about our new build, students were asked to suggest (both in form and via our website) new names for our buildings, both old and new.

A short list was compiled and each student voted individually earlier this week. The results were as follows:






Thank you to all who voted!


Following on from our discussions about Christmas, students were invited to discuss freedom of speech in the light of recent tragic events in France.  The question asked to all students was ‘Should full freedom of speech be allowed?’ Results were as follows:

Yes: 43%

No: 31%

Abstain: 26%

A massive thank you to Mr. Bailey for putting this together.

The most recent Fulford Thinks (weeks 20-21) was on the topic of ‘Should young people diet?’ All students were reminded that a healthy diet, combined with exercise is the best way to keep yourself fit and well.  We also discussed how young men are often put under pressure to look a certain way

The results were as follows:

Yes: 28%

No: 31%

Abstain: 41%

If you are concerned that someone you know who may not be eating enough,  drop into Student Support and chat to one of our team.

Should fracking be allowed?

In the run up to Christmas students voted on the topic of fracking (shale gas farming) and whether it should be allowed.  This is a controversial topic affecting many communities across the UK.

Results were as follows:

Yes: 22%

No: 55% (Athena students were most against this, with 164 voting no)

Abstain: 23%.

So as a school we are against fracking.

Week 17: is Christmas over commercialised?

  • Do you know how much you spent at Christmas?
  • Did you give to charity over the festive period?
  • Did you know that Fulford School donated 93.2 kg of food to York Food Bank through the Athena House charity drive?
  • Is it all just a bit too much?

As a school we voted on this topic, with mixed opinions:

  • Yes Christmas is too commercial: 24% (again, Athena students stood out with 84 voting yes)
  • No it is not too commercial: 36%
  • Abstain: 29%

Coming up next….is free speech a good thing?

Week 10: should there be harsher punishments for internet trolling?

Our best turnout so far with 88% voters turning out!

  • Yes: 50% (166 Apollo students voted yes)
  • No: 29%
  • Abstain: 21%

Keep voting!

Our latest Fulford Thinks was about ‘Should we eat insects?’

Students looked at how there is an ever increasing demand for meat and the consequences of this before looking into why insects are a useful and tasty alternative.

Our results were as follows:

Yes we should eat insects: 42%

No we should not eat insects: 37%

Abstain (reasons varied from ‘I am vegetarian’ to ‘it’s all too yucky!): 21%

So….we remain undecided as a school on this topic.

COMING UP:  students will be given the chance to try some insect snacks.  Watch the website for pictures!

Fulford Thinks Week 5

During week 5 of term all students had the chance to vote in forms on topics which the National Youth Parliament may discuss. The National Youth Parliament sits in the House of Commons and is the only other body apart from MPs in the UK allowed to do so!

We were given a choice of 10 topics and students had to choose 1 topic which they felt needs to be discussed in the National Youth Parliament.

Our results were as follows:

A massive thanks to Ethan Redmond in Year 11 for counting the votes!

Coming up next….should we eat insects?

This year all forms in years 7-11 will be debating a topic and then voting on it. This may be a local or national topic, but one that gets students talking! We shall do this every 2 weeks.

Our first Fulford Thinks asked students: Should Scotland be an independent country?

Results were as follows:


Further results will follow in the upcoming weeks and months. Keep reading and see what Fulford students really do think!

Directors of Learning

Apollo Motto: Apollo_Logo_15

Imagine Greatness

Last year we won the Inter-House Sports Trophy and the House Point Trophy.
What great things are we going to achieve this year

Roll of Honour:

Apollo House Captains 2016-17
Senior Captains: Olivia Wright and Grace Millington
House Captains: Agata Hodur and David Walters
Vice captains: Phoebe Gergely and Sam Flemming

Apollo House Leaders
Olivia Wright, Grace Millington, Agata Hodur, David Walters, Phoebe Gergely, Sam Flemming, Phoebe White, Stephen Mellor, Harry Paver, Nell Robinson, Katie Clement, Will Nicholson, Jack Wilson, Anna Harris and Maya Birch.

McMillan Coffee Mornings

On 29th September there were a number of McMillan Coffee Mornings hosted up and down the country. At Fulford School we didn’t want to miss out! Three of our fantastic Athena students helped to organise, bake and sell for the event and managed to raise an impressive £214.24. Well done to Ella Batty, Freya Ellis and Caitlin Parsons!

Athena’s dodgeball League: KS3 final

AE-AK were again victorious, beating AE-CB/EG in the final.  Well done!


Half Termly Raffle

The rules are simple: if you have 2 or less negatives for the previous half term, you are in the raffle.

Our winners were:

KS3: Joel Edmondson AE-LN/RJ

KS4: Conal Aitken AE-CB/EG

Both students received a £5 Amazon voucher.


Comic Relief 2017: Athena House Charity week

A big thank you to the Athena House Captains, students and all the staff who helped make this such a successful year’s fundraising. 

Staff took part in Human Hungry Hippos-well done to Mr. Dring and Mr. Lacy!  We sold all of our 400 noses (did anyone get the rare Frankenstein nose?) and the week culminated in a non-uniform day and a staff Mastermind Competition.  Chaired by Ms. Heywood, this was won by Mr. Carson, with Mr.  Johnson, Mr. Kisby and Mr. Hunt coming a close second.

A massive thank you MUST go to the students who baked for us as well:  £60.40 of cakes were sold in 4 minutes at break on Friday morning. 

Overall we have raised £1400 at this point.  Thank you!

Athena House Captains


Head of House Changes

At Easter I shall be moving across from being Head of Athena House to working in the Base at Fulford School.  I shall be sad to leave behind our students, but am very excited about my new role.

I would like to thank all the students, both past and present, who make Athena the best House in the school. Although we may not top the League tables for most credits (we’re never far behind!), we consistently receive the least amount of negative comments across all 4 Houses.  As individuals and in forms, we are well liked and respected across the school.

It has been a real privilege to work with Athena students over the past 6 ½ years.

Mr. Hunt will be acting Head of House. He can be contacted via the school office, or at


2017: The Story So Far

It has been a busy month in Athena House! 

Top form for previous half term

Congratulations to AE-AK, with the most positives and credits. I hope you enjoyed your tin of sweets!

Form Quiz

We have started our Form quiz, and current scores after 1 round are as follows:

SBY / EO11AK14
EG / CB14AM / LG11
MG13 1/2LN / RJ10

1st place: AE-RW

Joint 2nd: AE-AK & AE-EG/CB

3rd: AE-MG



KS3 and KS4 students have been playing each other since Christmas in our Dodgeball League.  The final league table was as follows:

SBY / EO & CB / EG09
LN / RJ07
GM & CCL & AM / LG06
DW & RW03

The winners of the KS4 grand final were AE-AK, although they are controversial champions!

KS3 final to be played next week between AE-AK & AE-CB/EG. Watch this space!


Amazon Voucher Raffle

These are given out half termly, with 1 student from KS3 and 1 student from KS4 receiving a £5 Amazon voucher.  All students are entered into the raffle if they have 2 or less negatives for the previous half term. Congratulations to Paddy Mulvey 11AE-DJ & Sophie Taylor-Bolton 8AE-MG for winning these.

Homework Club

This is run every week in G7, feel free to drop in if you need help with homework and/or general organisation. It is run by Miss. Frame and I.

Contact with school

As ever, please do contact me if you have any queries relating to your son/daughter’s progress.  My email address is


Here’s to another successful term!


The Athena House team

A warm welcome to our new tutors in the Athena team this year……

  • Mr Beresford/Mrs Gonzales (AE-CB/EG)
  • Mr Hunt (AE-JH)We Believe, we Achieve, We Succeed
  • Miss Goodall (who joins Mrs Martin in AE-AM/LG)
  • Mr Gray (AE-MG)
  • Mr David Jones (AE-DJ)
  • Mr Richard Jones (who joins Ms Newton in AE-RJ)

……in addition to our existing tutor team:

  • Mr Bailey/Mrs O’Toole (AE-SBy/EO)
  • Mr Clarke (AE-CCL)
  • Mr Crockatt (covering AE-GM)
  • Mr Kel (AE-AK)
  • Mrs White (AE-RW)
  • Mr Wooldridge (AE-DW)

Athena Student Leadership

House Captains:

  • Senior House Captain Sarah Griffin
  • Senior House Captain: Molly Killeen
  • House Captain Josh Barwick
  • House Captain Lucy Williams
  • Vice House Captain Ojas Pandy
  • Vice House Captain Jana Prelle White

House Leaders:

Sarah Griffin

Lucy Williams

Maiya Needley

Alex Jones Brown

Zac Bird

Molly Killeen

Ojas Pandy

Zetta Butler

Hollie Littlewood

Ethan Bowes

Sam Williams

Josh Barwick

Jana Prelle White

Louisa Atkinson

Oto Mee Friedman

Harry Nockels

House Competitions:

Athena will be participating in a number of competitions this year including:

  • A form noticeboard competition –prizes to be awarded for the 2 best form noticeboards at the start of the year
  • Half termly raffle – any students who get 2 or less negatives for the previous half term (our school average is less than 2 per half term) will be entered into a raffle for a £5 Amazon voucher.  There are 2 separate raffles, one for KS3 and one for KS4
  • Topical competitions – including best Christmas jumper/card design and any competitions that Athena students request throughout the year.

Watch this space for more details of the winners as and when the events take place!Sport Relief 2016

House Charity

Last year’s Athena nominated charity was Sports Relief where students organised and ran sporting activities during a charity week. Events included a penalty shoot-out, a table tennis tournament as well as a “plank” competition. In addition, a non-uniform day was organised with a magnificent £1300 raised in total. Well done to everyone who involved!

Mr Maloy            September 2016

Atlas photography competition winning entry…

Congratulations Niamh Greenwood (AS-JBO)!

A well-deserved recipient of the £10 Amazon voucher prize!

All entries were fantastic, well done to all those who took part.



Congratulation to all Year 7 Atlas students who have now been trained in CPR on Tuesday 18th October. All students were fantastic during training, well done Atlas!

Below is a photograph of our Year 7s doing an ‘Atlas Extreme’ pose with their certificates!

Atlas CPR Training Day


A huge welcome (or welcome back!) to all Atlas students from Miss Frame and all the tutors in the Atlas team.


Our Form Tutors:
Atlas Logo

Miss Crudgington (AS-NCR)

Miss Kelly (AS-PK)

Mr Knight (AS-DK)

Miss Pugh (AS-NP)

Mrs Gatenby and  Ms Towle (AS-SGA/NT)

Ms Ridsdel (AS-SR)

Ms Fawcett (AS-SF)

Mr Davies (AS-PD)

Ms Hickson (AS-EH)

Mr Carson (AS-MC)

Mr Bonsels (AS-JBO)

Dr Williams and Dr Real (AS-HW/FR)


We are enthusiastic House Captains and House Leaders are looking forward to organising some fantastic charity and Atlas events this year!


Senior House Captains:

Amina Rizvi

Megan Kniveton


Junior House Captains:

Sita Riley

Ryan McGettigan

Daisy Barber

Theo Lockett


House Leaders:

Isobel Thornton

Natasha Festenstein

Eleanor Morgan

Lorien Birch

Rebecca Dawes

James Stead

Emma Hendry


Atlas League:




1 AS-NCR 12
2 AS-SGA/NT 11
3 AS-SF 10
4 AS-DK 9
5 AS-PD 9
6 AS-JBO 7
7 AS-EH 6
8 AS-PK 6
9 AS-SR 6
10 AS-MC 3
11 AS-NP 2
12 AS-FR/HW 1


Upcoming Competitions:

Inter-House Dodgeball



Artemis Student Leadership

Artemis House CommiteeArtemis Logo

Alizee Currell Senior House Captain
Frances Rigby Senior House Captain
Charlotte Middleton House Captain
Henry Austin House Captain
Hannah Derry Vice-Captain
George Penn Vice-Captain
Soniya Limbu Newsletter Editor / Committee Member
Luke Stokes-Roberts Newsletter Editor / Committee Member
Steven Glover Committee Member
Dan Seavers Committee Member
Emily Sneesby Committee Member
Jackson Goodfellow Committee Member
Lilly Bulmer Committee Member

Artemis Newsletter Team

Soniya Limbu Newsletter Editor (Content) / Committee
Luke Stokes-Roberts Newsletter Editor (Graphics) / Committee
Abbey Colins Researcher / Reporter
Mohamed Hussain Researcher / Reporter
Gina Nicholson Researcher / Reporter
Tommy shaw Researcher / Reporter


Tutor Team

Head of House : Mr Lacy  
Tutors : Ms Norton AM-AN
  Mr Lynn AM-SLY
  Ms Penn / Ms Carew AM-JPE/RC
  Ms Hornby AM-SH
  Mr Simpson AM-ES
  Mr Thomas-Peter AM-MTP
  Ms Brown AM-JBR
  Mr Shutt AM-JSH
  Mr Wood AM-PW
  Ms Gibbs AM-LGI
  Ms Greene AM-AG
  Ms Brady AM-RBR