The Team STEAM#99 Challenge Series at Fulford School has rapidly gained momentum over the last three years; now in its fifth season the challenges have got bigger and even gone global and smaller (i.e. into our feeder Primary Schools)! Find updates on our Twitter feed @TeamSTEAM99


Getting ready to fire!

Getting ready to fire!

Fulford School Cup

Each of the four houses compete against each other during the challenges; points are awarded to each team depending on how well they have met the criteria being assessed. Points are amassed over the year. The team with the highest total wins the cup.

Previous Winners:

Some delicious Christmas flavoured Icecreams

Some delicious Christmas flavoured Ice cream

  • 2011/12 Artemis
  • 2012/13 Athena
  • 2013/14 Atlas
  • 2014/15 Atlas
  • 2015/16 Apollo


International Series

The concept of the competition is simple: We coordinate and send out the paper resources (electronically), and video our students doing the challenges. Partner schools video their students completing the challenges and send to all the other schools. We can then compare the results and assign points as with the Cup within school.


Primary feeder Schools

We have offered to run a challenge for students within our primary feeder schools; this so far has been a great success. Staff and students have really enjoyed themselves and the profile of STEAM has been raised as a result.

You Tube Channel

If you would like to see our challenges and results please use the following link:


Tomato cage design

Tomato cage design for challenge #9 Tomato Termination…






map layout for waterwobii



If you would like more information or some advice please email: Sam Lynn