Modern Foreign Languages

Curriculum Leader: Mr A. Kennedy

The MFL Department consists of 7 staff, all of whom are capable of teaching both French and Spanish. The department is housed in a suite of 5 classrooms. Each of these classrooms benefit from a networked computer and an interactive whiteboard. In addition, pupils are able to benefit from using computer suites so students can individually benefit from online resources. 

In Years 7 and 8 all students (with a few exceptions) study both French and Spanish.  Learning activities centre round different everyday topics, accompanied by appropriate grammar skills and lessons include a wide variety of speaking, listening, reading and writing activities. Students are taught in mixed ability groups in Year 7 and then banded in Year 8. Regular End of Unit Assessments, at an appropriate level, have been modified to reflect the style examined in the new GCSE exams.

The school operates a two week timetable with the time allocation per fortnight of 3 hours for each language.

At Fulford, GCSE Options are taken at the end of Year 8, with some students opting to carry on with both languages and a large majority choosing to continue with either French or Spanish. This allows us to make rapid acceleration with the GCSE specification. In Year 9, there are 4 hours per language per fortnight, followed by 5 hours per fortnight in each of Years 10 and 11. Languages are popular choices and we follow the AQA GCSE course.  Further information and guidance can be found at The course has both Higher and Foundation (maximum grade 5) Tiers of entry. Students have individual oral exams at the end of Year 10, as well as during the Year 11 mocks, to ensure they are as fully prepared as possible for the GCSE.

We offer A levels in both French and Spanish and students consistently go on to continue their linguistic studies in Higher Education.  These courses, with so much contact time and typically smaller groups, allow students to develop a much deeper knowledge of the language and culture of the Hispanic and Francophone worlds. An A level in a language is a treasured qualification and the courses are both rewarding and enriching. We use the AQA exam board, building on from the skills learned at GCSE. Further information and guidance can be found at

We always seek to encourage students to use languages both in and out of the classroom.  There is the opportunity for Year 7 pupils to take part in a Summer Term residential trip to Northern France. We have many links with France and Spain and, historically, trips have been run for various year groups. There are so many opportunities now for students to benefit from technology to expand their language interests. We encourage students to watch French/Spanish films and programmes as well as to complete online interactivities and games. We promote events such as European Languages Day within school. Older students are encouraged to help younger students, while our Linguists of the month competition rewards students who go the extra mile (kilometre!) both in and out of the classroom.