Welcome to the Fulfordian

We, the new editorial team, would like to welcome you to Fulfords student run magazine, the Fulfordian. We are looking forward to providing you with an insight into all the curricular and extra curricular activities on offer here at Fulford School. With such a large range of opportunities to experience, we hope to keep you up to date with all the departmental activities, events and groups taking place. We are fortunate enough to be part of a school with an extremely vibrant and active community and so we hope to portray this through our writing, providing a roundup of the events and activities occurring within this exciting school.

We, as a team, are very committed to producing high quality work and so if you have any feedback -positive or otherwise- we would love to hear it! We want to keep the magazine to the standards set by the previous editorial teams and so your help is conducive to this aim. We can be contacted through the website or in person, should you see any of us around school. Moreover, another of our aims is to keep our news fresh and up to date and so if you have any new stories or events you feel should be included in the next issue, again, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We are sure this is going to be a fantastic year for both the school and the Fulfordian and we are looking forward to sharing news and viewpoints with you. We hope you enjoy reading the magazine as much as we enjoy researching, writing and producing it! It is going to be a privilege to work alongside such a talented and able team of writers and reporters, and so we hope you enjoy the product of our hard work!

Thank you,

The 2012 Editorial Team:

Ella Davies, Kate Miller, Sophie Adams and Alice Wright

With many thanks to Lova Chechik (Webmaster)

Contact Details:

Ella - 6daviese@fulford.york.sch.uk

Kate - 6millerk@fulford.york.sch.uk

Sophie - 6adamss@fulford.york.sch.uk

Alice - 6wrighta@fulford.york.sch.uk