Website Help

How to use this website

At the very top of the page, you will see links to this help page, the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and the Parent Portal, where you can find information about your child.

Clicking the Fulford School logo will take you back to the main homepage.

Underneath the Fulford School logo is the main navigation bar. The items with a down arrow next to their names indicate that they have a drop down menu. For example, hovering the mouse cursor over the “Departments” link will reveal further links to each department in school.

How the site is structured

Student information is split by year group. Hovering the mouse over “Students” will produce links to year groups 7 to 11, with the Sixth Form having a separate link.

Information for Parents can be found by clicking the “Parent” link on the main menu. You will find information about bus times, exam information and a full staff teaching list amongst other things.

The “About Fulford” link provides information about the school, policy documentation, and Ofsted reports.


A map of the site, or a “sitemap” can be found by clicking this link. This is a link of all the pages on the site. It is a very long list and may require scrolling down the page to view all the items.


Entering keywords into the search box will search the site for those specific words. It may display pages that are called that word, or contain that word. Common keywords may include “Term Dates”, “Uniform” or “News”.