Religious Education

Curriculum Leader: Mr E. Simpson

Fulford has an enthusiastic, experienced and successful team of two full-time specialist Religious Education teachers, and two part time teachers. The department is well resourced and is housed in large, recently constructed teaching rooms which have interactive white boards and internet access.   The department makes a significant contribution to the results of the school both at GCSE and A level as well as contributing to whole school improvement.

The school operates a two week timetable with 25 one hour lessons each week. Students from Year 7 to Year 11 receive a weekly one hour lesson in Religious Education. At Key Stage 3 there are eight classes split into two halves of the year. Each half has one lower ability set, with the rest of the students mixed into the other three sets. In Year 8, each half of the year has one set one, two set twos and one set three. In Year 9, there are two set ones; one set two and one set three.

In Year 7 the students look at issues such as ‘What does it mean to be human’? ‘What is belief’?’, ‘Putting Belief and Faith into Practice’, ‘By What Authority’, and there’s a new unit this year on ‘Prejudice’. There is also a visit to Bradford to study places of worship in preparation for a home learning project.

In Year 8 the students investigate ‘What Happens When We Die’? ‘Truth’, ‘Interfaith Relationships’, ‘Evil and Suffering’ and there’s a new unit this year called ‘Science and Ethics’.

In Year 9 the students start their GCSE course. See Key Stage 4 for more information.

In Year 9 all students begin the brand new Full Course GCSE. They will be doing the AQA Specification A, which includes a study of the beliefs, teachings and practices of both Christianity and Islam. It also includes a component which involves the study of four religious, philosophical and ethical themes. In Year 10, students are studying the WJEC Specification B GCSE course. They study 3 topics in Y10: ‘Conflict’, ‘Is it Fair?’ and ‘Authority, Religion and State’. There are 2 topics in Y11: ‘Medical Issues’ and ‘Relationships’. Students can decide if they’d like to be entered for the Full Course exam after the mock exam in Year 11 in collaboration with parents and their teacher.

The Religious Education Department also offers A Level Religious Studies. AS Level students are currently studying ‘Buddhism’ and ‘Religion in Contemporary Society’ whilst A2 students study ‘Contemporary Society’ and ‘Religion and Human Experience’. There are currently 16 students on the AS course and 11 students on the A2 course. The students have consistently throughout the last 3 years experienced results in line with, or above Allis predictions. The department is keen to keep improving uptake at A level.

Lessons are varied concentrating on contemporary issues within local, national and global societies, using research based activities, worksheets, use of the interactive smart board, DVDs, debating and group work. ICT is used to enhance students learning where possible, for example for researching and presenting information and through ICT software tailored to the course. In Year 12 the students visit Manchester Buddhist Centre and the local hospice in order to reinforce their learning before the AS Buddhism and Contemporary Society exams.

The department has friendly, enthusiastic and committed teachers who are continuing to improve the already high standards of the department.

At KS3 in Year 7 we run an alternative curriculum day to the Bradford’s Interfaith Centre to experience cultural and religious differences between two major world religions.

At KS5 in Y12/13 we visit the Buddhist Centre in Manchester to experience Buddhist meditation worship and practice. We also visit the hospice as part of religion and Contemporary Society in which we study euthanasia.