Physical Education

Curriculum Leader: Mr J. Shutt


We believe that PE is essential in working students towards succeeding and exceling in their chosen sport whilst creating a nation of young people who are educated in health and wellbeing. PE lessons at Fulford School are aimed towards all levels of ability covering a range of activities.

Our aim is to:

  • To promote students health, safety and wellbeing with a higher understanding of how an healthy active lifestyle is important
  • To enable all students to improve and achieve in a range of activities.
  • Provide high quality teaching and coaching to enable students to develop personal and social skills
  • To provide a range of activities in our extracurricular programme to provide opportunities to compete in competitive situation or perform.
  • To advise and guide students towards local clubs to strive for them to achieve their true potential.
  • To develop leadership skills to enable them to take responsibility in mini festivals, extracurricular clubs and primary festivals.
  • Enable all students, whatever their circumstance or ability to take part in and enjoy PE and School Sports
  • Enjoy physical activity and have fun.

We are very proud of the ethos and work ethic of our pupils in lessons and at external fixtures. They continue to push the boundaries of performance both in lessons and whilst representing school. We as a department are continually moving forward with the demand for high quality sport that our students expect and enjoy.

Core PE

Years 7, 8 and 9 have two timetabled lessons over the week. Year 7 is a mixed ability and gender year to allow us time to assess the pupils.

Pupils are assessed each activity, these form part of the Pupil Profile Database which generates an end of year level.

In year 8 and 9 we tier our sets from the reports and place the students into two ability groups.

What will students do?

At Fulford we have a sports hall, tennis courts, gymnasium and a vast amount of fields. In PE lessons students will use these facilities in a rotation. They will cover sports such as:

Winter Activities Summer Activities
NetballVolleyballOrienteeringcircuit Training

What will the students learn?

  • How to use a range of tactics and strategies to overcome opponents in direct competition through team and individual games
  • Develop the student’s techniques and improve their performance in other competitive sports.
  • Perform dances using advanced dance techniques within a range of dance styles and forms.
  • Be encouraged to work as a team developing skills to solve problems.
  • Work on analytical skills so students can compare their own and other performance to achieve their best.

Core P.E. is run through a block of options in the autumn and winter terms with students encouraged to have maximum participation through choosing activities that best suit them. Options for both Y11 and Y10 include, Football, Basketball, Netball, Rugby, Badminton, Hockey, Table Tennis, 6 a side football, Dance and Fitness. In the summer term, it is less structured with pupils opting for different sports every week to allow for changes in the weather. However, there is a highly structured extra-curricular programme which our KS4 pupils take part in.


Pupils can opt for GCSE P.E. and historically we have always had a large cohort of pupils in both year groups gaining some excellent results. This year we will be running 3 teaching groups in both Y9 and Y10 which goes to show the ever growing popularity of our subject. We follow the AQA course which is made up of theory work and practical coursework units. Results are consistently outstanding with expectations of students’ progress and achievement high.

Our post 16 learners follow the BTEC Level 3 Extended certificate in Sport. The Pearson course is a part-examined certificate with students undertaking vocational based coursework assignments that are set in and around the world of work. This allows for a greater understanding of sport and exercise in a context that they can relate to. Students work through a number of units over the 2 year course and study areas of sport that include, physiology, fitness and fitness testing.


The P.E. department is a lively and dynamic department with fresh ideas and vibrant staff, providing our pupils with outstanding provision at all key stages. We are committed to an extensive extra – curricular programme across a very wide variety of sports fully supported by all the department and other members of staff. We pride ourselves on being a very inclusive department where everyone is welcome to join in the practice sessions at lunchtime and sometimes after school. Over recent years we have dominated the football, basketball, cricket, hockey and netball competitions within the city of York.

Alongside our extensive extra-curricular programme we run a number of trips during the year. Pupils get the opportunity to watch live sporting events such as the champions league, 20/20 cricket at Yorkshire as well as to participate in residential activity weekends. We also run a water sports trip to the South of France every June which is the highlight of the summer calendar as well as our annual visit to Villa Real football club in Spain where our pupils get the opportunity to be coached by their team of excellent coaches.

We are proud of the P.E. department here at Fulford and are always looking to enhance our provision and experience for our learners

Badminton Poster.

EbonyHi! I’m Ebony and this is my sports blog for students, teachers and parents of Fulford School. This Blog is for my P.E classes and to get to know what students are interested in sports-wise and keep you up-to-date on the latest sport and competition results.







Ava Patchesa’s Interview

Q1: when did you start playing basketball?
Answer: 9 years ago!

Q2: what are your favourite things about basketball?
Answer: I love how you play with your friends and have fun.

Q3: how long have you been on the North Yorkshire U13 girls basketball team and the national girls basketball team.
Answer: two years in the Yorkshire team and one year nationally.

Q4: what is the difference between the two teams? Do you play the same position in both teams or does this vary?
Answer: North Yorkshire is everyone in York and Harrogate, Yorkshire is everybody in Yorkshire. I play guard in both teams.

Q5: do you have any particular playing strategies?
Answer: not really, we try to work as a team.

Q6: how many times do you train during the week? Where do you train?
Answer: 20 minutes at home per day and four times a week in York and Leeds.

Q7.: How does it feel to play at national and county standard?
Answer: Really good! Last year I was one of the youngest in both teams and was really nervous, this year I’m taking on more of a leadership role in the teams.

Q8: How did it feel to compete against Scotland and finish 6th overall in the national championships?
Answer: Good! It was really good experience, but it was really hard!

Q9: What other hobbies do you have apart from playing Basketball?
Answer: Playing football, not much though!

Q10: Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
Answer: Coaching Basketball or playing for England.