Modern Foreign Languages

“Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own.”


Curriculum Leader: Mr M. Thomas-Peter

The Modern Foreign Languages department is passionate about developing global citizens.  We are a high achieving department with excellent uptake in the national context.  We currently offer French, Spanish, and German and our highly-skilled staff can all teach a combination of these.

Most students currently at the school will have studied French in Year 7. However, from 2015 onwards, they will now begin with French and Spanish in Year 7.  The majority of students continue with both languages during Year 8 and one or both during Year 9.

Please visit our Modern Foreign Languages pages on the Fulford School VLE to see our range of exciting and interactive courses.

Fulford School VLE

AQA French,German and Spanish  are offered at KS4.  Students can opt for one or more languages as a traditional two year GCSE course. Spanish is also offered to students who are already working at GCSE grade D or above (using the new GCSE-style assessment framework at Key Stage 3) at the end of Year 9 as an ab initio two year course.

The GCSE course is made up as follows

  • Speaking 30% (controlled tasks)
  • Writing 30% (controlled tasks)
  • Listening 20% (exam)
  • Reading 20% (exam)

Two controlled tasks are entered for speaking and writing (15% each) and are carried out throughout the course – parents will be advised as to the dates of these.

Additional Information can be found by following the link.

AQA Website

Students follow the AQA AS and A2 courses in French and German in KS5.  Uptake is good, with increasingly more students opting to continue to Y13, having done AS.  The courses are as follows:

AS Outline

The AS course covers:

Media: TV, advertising and communication technology

  • Popular culture: cinema, music and fashion/trends
  • Healthy living/lifestyle: sport/exercise, health and well-being and holidays
  • Family/relationships: relationships within the family, friendships and marriage/partnerships.

The AS specification has 2 units:

Unit 1: Listening, Reading and Writing (70% of AS)

  • Unit 2: Speaking Test.  (30% of AS)

A2 Outline

Environment: pollution, energy and protecting the planet

  • The multi-cultural society: immigration, integration and racism
  • Contemporary social issues: wealth and poverty, law and order and the impact of scientific and technological progress
  • Cultural topic: the study of a target language speaking region/community or the study of a period of 20th century history from a target language-speaking country/community or the study of a novelist/dramatist/poet from a target language-speaking country/community or the study of a director/architect/musician/painter from a target language-speaking country/ community.

The A2 specification has 2 units:

  • Unit 3: Listening, Reading and Writing (35% of A Level)
  • Unit 4: Speaking Test. (15% of A Level)

Additional information can be found by following this link.

AQA Website

  • Y9 – Exchange trip to Normandy, France
  • Y10 – GCSE Exchange to Wetter, Germany
  • Y12 – Work Experience in France/Germany (Halsbury Travel)