Curriculum Support

SENCO: Mrs A. Mehta

Enhanced Resource Centre for Autism: Ms V. Pearson


The Learning Support department works closely with Student Support and the Enhanced Resource for Autism to help all students to achieve to the best of their ability. Our team consists of the school SENCO, 2 Higher Level Teaching Assistants and fourteen Teaching Assistants. Teaching Assistants predominantly support identified SEN students in lessons and give assistance with homework. They also lead intervention programmes working on reading, handwriting, mind-mapping and developing other learning skills.

The Learning Support team is based in B6 and B7. The Learning Support classroom, B7, is equipped with six computers for students to use. The school also has a bank of laptops students can access to use in lessons, in addition to this there is software to support dyslexic students on the school computers and laptops (Clicker 6, Dolphin and Co-Writer). B7 is open at breaks and lunchtimes, staffed by Teaching Assistants who are available to help with homework and support students with organisation: any students experiencing difficulty with their learning are encouraged to attend. There is also a Games Club, held in G4 every lunchtime, where students can socialise in a quiet, supported environment.

At Key Stage 3 we provide Literacy intervention for students identified as having additional needs in this area. All students are screened for reading and spelling difficulties on entry to Year 7.

Some students with additional needs are withdrawn from one or more of their modern foreign language lessons to work in a small group with a teacher, focusing on spelling and writing.

In Year 8 and Year 9 a small number of students receive additional literacy lessons instead of French or Spanish. These students are identified by the English, Curriculum Support and Languages departments.

In Year 8, students receiving additional literacy support, follow a scheme designed to develop basic writing skills, which also addresses study skills and personal organisation for learning.

In Year 9 students work on reading, spelling and comprehension skills and also reinforce elements of the English curriculum and to prepare them for their GCSEs.

In Key Stage 4 we support students with SEN in their GCSE options and run BTEC WorkSkills Level 1 as an option choice. Students with additional needs are assessed for exam access arrangements on entry into Year 10.

The Enhanced Resource Provision opened in 2004 and supports ten students with a diagnosis of ASC in the mainstream school. Our centre is called The Base and the nature of our support depends upon the individual needs of each student. Inclusion is a priority and our students spend most of their time in mainstream lessons with their peers. To enable this to happen we liaise with Subject Teachers, Form Tutors, Directors of Learning, the Senior Leadership Team and Student Support.

We provide additional help and support with communication, social interaction and organisational skills. Personal Development lessons are planned to meet the individual needs of each student in the context of a busy secondary school environment.

We plan and design small step transition programmes for students moving from Year 6 to Year 7, from KS3 to KS4 and then finally from Year 11 to post-16 provision. We work closely with families and many other agencies (EPS, Lime Trees, SALT, Occupational Therapists, Social Services etc.) to provide a holistic approach giving each student the opportunity to thrive and succeed.

For further information, please refer to the Yor-OK website.

B7 is open before school, at breaks and lunchtimes and help with homework is available. In addition a Games Club is held in G3 every day from 1.30 until 2.00pm, where students can play chess, board and card games in a supportive atmosphere. Students from all years are welcome.